We are a fee-only advisory firm. Our fees are based on one of –

  1. a flat charge,
  2. the time required to provide the service being sought, or
  3. the size and nature of the investment portfolio we are being asked to manage.

In brief, we charge various hourly rates for services such as tax advice, dispute resolution, financial planning; flat charges, for instance, for the preparation of simple tax returns or for a clearly defined piece of work; and various annual percentage rates, depending upon the nature of the investment management services being sought and the size of a client’s portfolio.

We do NOT receive or participate in incentive management fees; nor do we receive payments from third parties that would provide us with incentives to place clients in certain investments or use other professional services that might not be in a client’s best interests. Additionally, we do NOT employ insurance professionals or staff who sell insurance, mortgage or retirement products. We consider all of these “hidden” fees and commission-based services to compromise advisor independence and to misalign incentives, and clients and potential clients are regularly advised by us to be wary of firms who obtain some of their revenues from these sources.

Potential clients will be provided with details of the fees that we charge for our services at the time they attend, in person or by phone, their introductory meeting.