Form ADV Part 2

We are required to provide all clients with a written disclosure document. This requirement is met by making available Part 2 of Form ADV. If you are a client and would like a copy of our disclosure document, please email us at and request that we send you a pdf file of the document.

Safeguarding Privacy & Complying with WISP

Aurora takes its obligations to maintain client privacy very seriously. We comply with the Massachusetts’ mandated Written Information Security Program (WISP), which requires us to set forth our procedures for controlling electronic and physical access to, and collection, storage, use and transmission of client personal information. Aurora employs the latest technology to protect against electronic and physical intrusion, and has trained staff to meet the required standards for documentation.  In addition, staff are provided instruction on the importance of the confidentiality of client involvement with the firm, advised that they are required to disclose any breaches, accidental or otherwise, of client confidentiality, and instructed to take all steps possible to protect the involvement, and reasons for the involvement, of each client at the firm.

Sharing Information

Aurora does not share information, unless specifically directed by the client. All information provided to Aurora by the client, directly or indirectly, is at all times the property of the client, and will not be disclosed, even to other professionals, unless the client directs otherwise or Aurora is required to disclose such information pursuant to a direction of a duly appointed authority or court.

Other Disclosures

  • This website is a publication of Aurora Financial Advisors, LLC. Information presented is believed to be factual and up-to-date, but we do not guarantee its accuracy and it should not be regarded as a complete analysis of the subjects discussed. All expressions of opinion reflect the judgment of the authors on the date of publication and are subject to change.
  • Information on this website does not involve the rendering of personalized investment advice and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell the securities mentioned herein.
  • Hyperlinks on this website are provided as a convenience, and we disclaim any responsibility for information, services or products found on websites linked hereto.
  • Aurora Financial Advisors, LLC, is registered as an investment advisor with the state of Massachusetts and only transacts business in states where it is properly registered, or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements. Registration as an investment advisor does not constitute an endorsement of the firm by securities regulators nor does it indicate that the advisor has attained a particular level of skill or ability.
  • Aurora Financial Advisors, LLC, is not engaged in the practice of law. Always consult an attorney regarding your specific legal situation.
  • Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Therefore, no current or prospective client should assume that the future performance of any specific investment or strategy will be profitable or equal to past performance levels.
  • All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss. Changes in investment strategies, contributions or withdrawals, and economic conditions may materially alter the performance of your portfolio. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that any specific investment or strategy will be suitable or profitable for an investor’s portfolio. Asset allocation and diversification do not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.
  • Historical performance results for investment indexes and/or categories, generally do not reflect the deduction of transaction and/or custodial charges or the deduction of an investment-management fee, the incurrence of which would have the effect of decreasing historical performance results. There can be no assurances that a portfolio will match or outperform any particular benchmark.