We specialize in four areas:

  • Investment Management – as its title suggests, this involves the management of clients’ financial investments. This service is provided at a number of levels: discretionary, direct management of client portfolios; oversight of investments held “away” e.g. on a retirement platform or at another broker/custodian with whom we are not affiliated; lead advisor, where we act as the “manager of managers” for high net worth clients.
  • Financial Advisory – which consists of two distinct services: financial planning, where we assist clients to develop a plan for their financial future; and financial advice, where we assist clients with resolving financial issues or problems that have not been anticipated and have the potential to materially affect a client’s financial future.
  • Tax Services – again, as the name would suggest, providing tax planning, tax advice and tax preparation services.
  • Dispute Resolution Services – a specialized service which reflects the fact that almost all disputes involve financial issues or the need for some sort of financial settlement. In particular, we have a wealth of experience in assisting with the resolution of disputes arising from divorce, estate administration, and intra-family disagreements regarding closely-held businesses and jointly-held assets.