Sometimes, there are difficult or contentious issues that can be resolved by simply using an independent advisor, not burdened by the emotional and personal interaction issues at the heart of the transition. These typically involve estates or dramatic changes in personal circumstances.

Examples of the work that we have performed in this area are:

  1. Assisting siblings resolve disagreements about the handling of their parent’s estate; assisting the surviving spouse avoid the inter-sibling rivalry, and giving effect to the spouse’s wishes about the distribution of the estate, now and at death.
  2. Providing professional services – accounting and financial – for the parent’s estate in order to reduce friction associated with the lack of objectivity, transparency and independence when these services are undertaken by future beneficiaries (eg children) of the estate
  3. Assisting families resolve impasses associated with assets left to joint sibling ownership when there are disagreements about their future use and disposition
  4. Providing advice and assistance to individuals and couples when illness or injury incapacitates an individual or spouse, and a less-experienced care-giver or spouse must assume responsibility for the financial affairs.