Financial advisors in the collaborative law process are involved in a neutral capacity, working to assist all the parties in dispute to resolve their differences.  Disputes of the family, in particular, lend themselves to this less emotionally-debilitating and damaging process. Two of Aurora’s financial advisors, Susan Miller and James McCusker, have been trained and practice extensively as collaborative law professionals, and Susan Miller is a member of the Board of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council (MCLC), the incoming President (2014-2015) of MCLC and a member of its training team. Financial advisors in this process are there to assist the parties, and their counsel, to overcome roadblocks in their attempts to find an outcome that satisfies the interests of both parties, not the interests of one party over those of the other. We can assist couples and families seeking to resolve their financial differences to establish a collaborative dispute resolution process.

Persons requiring assistance with the financial issues at the heart of a family dispute should contact Susan Miller for further details of our services.