Many family-oriented disputes are resolved by mediation. At the heart of most mediated matters are issues associated with family finances. Financial advisors are often brought in to such matters as either a financial neutral, to assist the mediator with the more vexing financial issues that are stopping the parties reaching a resolution, or to assist one party, where there is a clear asymmetry of knowledge or experience of financial matters that is impeding the mediation process. Susan Miller is a trained mediator, with extensive knowledge of the mediation process, providing her with a unique combination of mediation and financial skills that can assist a mediator burdened with managing the mediation process and attempting to deal with complex financial issues, at the same time.

Collaborative dispute resolution involves the parties in dispute, together with their legal counsel, attempting to resolve the dispute in a cooperative, non-litigious manner. As part of the process, other specialists such as coaches, mental health professionals and financial advisors are often brought in to assist. Two of Aurora’s financial advisors, Susan Miller and James McCusker, have been trained and practice extensively as collaborative law professionals, and Susan Miller is a member of the Board of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council (MCLC), the incoming President (2014-2015) of MCLC, and a member of its training team.