Sometimes a financial transaction or decision involves more complex issues for whether or how the transaction should be undertaken. It might involve elements as broad as business or asset valuation, investigating federal and state tax implications, determining appropriate capital structures, setting up a decision-making framework, or assisting our client to manage the various professional services that will be necessary to conclude the transaction.

Recently, a client had an opportunity to divest a minority interest in some commercial real estate. There were valuation considerations, tax implications including evaluation of the possibility of a tax-deferred property exchange and the potential for depreciation re-capture, and the assessment of alternative investments. Currently, we are assisting a family restructure ownership of a long-standing family business, so that minority owners who no longer have an interest in retaining their involvement can be paid out and the remaining owners recapitalize the business as a going concern. If you have a complex investment decision, call us to see if you could benefit from our assistance.