Financial planning is at the heart of all the services we provide at Aurora.  For example, before we can manage your investment assets, we need to know your risk profile, your planned use for those assets, and a timetable for when you will need them.

Before we can help you determine if your current savings plan will enable you to retire when you want, we need to know about your income and expenses, your assets and liabilities, your expectations and goals.

And before we can help you determine if you have enough insurance coverage, if you have saved enough for your children’s education, if you can afford that second home, if you can buy that business, we need to examine all aspects of your financial and non-financial resources.

Financial plans are not static documents.  As your life changes, you change jobs, have one more child, or agree to let your mother-in-law live in the extra bedroom, you need to revisit your financial plan and update it.  We encourage clients to update their plans whenever they experience a major transition in their lives, or barring that, once every couple of years.

At Aurora we start with a financial plan.