Cash Flow and Budgeting take a look at your income and expense statements. This analysis includes the obvious sources of income like your job, interest and dividends on any financial investments, and pension or Social Security income. But it also includes any income you generate from rental properties, interest you earn on money lent to relatives, or how much money you won in the Powerball lottery

The expense side of the ledger is examined with equal care. In addition to household expenses, loan repayments, large item purchases, insurance bills, we also want to know about your gifts or loans to relatives or friends, your vacation expenditures, and how much you spend each year on dinners out.

The objective of this exhaustive look at your sources and uses of income is to assess whether your household net worth and household net income can support both your current lifestyle and enable you to achieve your life’s financial goals, including retirement expectations and legacy hopes.

A complete financial plan will not only look at where you are, but at how you might achieve your financial goals for the future so that you can live the life you want.