When to take Social Security benefits can significantly impact your retirement income. Analysts estimate that there are over 300 unique benefit possibilities based on a person’s age, work history, and marital status. Despite these complexities, advice from the Social Security Administration is not always as thorough as you may need for your particular circumstances. As a result, many Americans claim benefits in sub-optimal ways, missing out on significant sums in unclaimed benefits that could bolster their standard of living in retirement.

Should you file for benefits before your full retirement age? Should you and your spouse file for benefits at the same time? If your spouse worked, should he/she file for benefits under his/her own name, or for spousal benefits? How much more in benefits would you receive if you waited until you were 70 to claim them? These and many more questions can make the decision to as to when and how to file for Social Security benefits a daunting task.

At Aurora we can help you ask the right questions and help you find the answers. We will analyze a number of filing scenarios and present you with a series of options. We will also place these different possibilities within the context of your wider financial and retirement plans so that you can make your decision in a fully informed way.