Investment management is just as its title suggests. We manage investments directly on behalf of clients. We do NOT custody your financial assets (Registered Investment Advisors are not permitted to hold client funds or securities, in contrast with broker/dealers) but we are authorized by clients to review, choose securities, trade and report on their investments held by custodians, Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab.

And in keeping with our objective to be a wealth management firm that provides a comprehensive service for our clients, our investment management service can manage both “in-house” as well as “away” accounts. So, for those clients with employer-sponsored retirement accounts or other accounts held on platforms not directly accessible to Aurora – so-called “away” accounts – we will oversee and manage such accounts, using client-provided access, in conjunction with your direct accounts held by Aurora’s custodians.

Additionally, Aurora has established relationships with other providers of specialized financial services, and as part of its investment management service, will arrange and use such services, where appropriate, particularly for high and ultra-high net worth clients, to provide the broadest access to asset classes applicable to such clients.