At Aurora, we believe a wealth management firm should have professional staff that understand Federal and State tax law, can give tax advice and prepare tax returns. We also believe that providing tax advice and overseeing clients’ tax matters is central to the process of financial planning and advice.

This is why Aurora’s team has two Certified Public Accounts as Principals, and provides a comprehensive personal, trust and partnership tax service for its clients. How can you advise clients about financial planning, or address a material financial issue, or manage a client’s investments if you do not have –

  • Professionals with recognized training and qualifications in tax matters
  • Staff who can prepare tax returns, make tax projections, or calculate estimated payments, or
  • Investment advisors with access to a full understanding of the tax implications of security sales and purchases.

We consider the provision of a comprehensive tax services to be such an important part of our service offering for our planning, advisory and investment clients that we are establishing a dedicated tax service.