Not unlike Financial Planning, Tax Planning before a taxable event occurs can be very important to minimize your tax liability and to comply with all appropriate legislation and regulations.

At Aurora, our tax professionals:

  1. make tax projections for clients, including providing a detailed overview of Federal, State and local tax implications;
  2. develop tax-efficient investment strategies and establish capital gains budgets for taxable investors;
  3. determine appropriate contribution levels for various retirement accounts; and,
  4. recommend the appropriate tax advantaged means to make charitable contributions of appreciated assets.

In cooperation with Aurora’s estate planning professionals, our tax professionals will also help you plan how to transfer assets between generations, to gift monies to individuals or institutions, or to title assets, all in the most tax efficient manner.

For our investment clients, we invest with an eye to the tax implications – planning the management of unrealized capital gains, harvesting capital losses when appropriate, taking into account alternative minimum tax implications, and developing leveraged gifting tax strategies.