Aurora prepares Federal and State income tax returns for individuals, trusts, estates, and small businesses.

With this service, we organize and drive the entire process from advising you about the information we will need, to filing your returns and interacting with tax authorities. Our clients are busy people; many with overwhelming duties and responsibilities. We see our role as taking care of what for some clients is an arduous task and, for others, with complex financial lives, a daunting obligation fraught with the real possibility of making costly errors.

So, our tax preparation process includes –

  • Sending out tax organizers and data requests
  • Gathering and inputting client information into our state-of-the-art tax software
  • Producing returns for review by clients
  • Where necessary, meeting with our clients to review the return, address issues and answer client questions
  • Prepare tax projections and determine estimated payments for the following tax year
  • Prepare final returns and instructions on refund due from and payments to be made to Federal and State tax authorities, and
  • Again, where necessary, acting on our clients’ behalf with the IRS or State tax authorities.

Our aim is that you will go from a stack of disparate financial documents that have arrived at different times and different forms over the last financial year, to a timely, compliant tax return that details and reports the most tax efficient outcome you can achieve.